PRIMOSOL system is an inhibited drilling fluid based on polyanionic cellulose and xanthan gum. The composition of this fluid was designed with respect to the extensive experience related to the use of inhibitors in the Russian oilfields. The system may be mixed and conditioned with sodium chloride and potassium chloride. The inhibitive properties of the drilling fluid controlled by the proper selection of the mineralization of the mud, and/ or by the use of additional inhibitor.


The PRIMOSOL system is optimal:


The PRIMOSOL potassium chloride-based mud system minimizes problems with clay swelling, reduces the amount of colloidal clay solids, and controls the rheological parameters of mud. KCl allows to significantly reduce the mud dilution volumes in comparison with fresh-water-based mud systems.

KCL concentration shall be selected individually, with respect to the required inhibition degree, designed mud density, and specific drilling conditions in the particular region.  The mineralization may vary from 3% to the full saturation.

If the inhibiting properties of PRIMOSOL can be adjusted. The following mud inhibitors may be used: MEX-HB, MEX-GL, MEX-100 and MEX-200. These inhibitors differ in efficiency, concentrations and costs. Thus, the composition of the mud system can be effectively adopted for any geological/ formation conditions.