Silicon organic composition SWS-PLAST

SWS-PLAST organic silicon selective isolation compound is used for remedial water shut-off in oil and gas wells. SWS-PLAST is a system with low initial viscosity (3 to 5 CP) designed for the sealing of low-porosity reservoirs.

10-SWS-Plast.jpgWater-based commercial compound solutions with diluting by 2-5 times are used for work performance. This allows to increase injection volume and decrease unit cost per 1 m3 of the working solution. The system’s curing time is controlled by dilution – the compound is cured faster when there is less water.

Diluting value is determined by the pour point time required according to the geological and physical conditions of the reservoir, mainly by the temperature and injectivity properties.

Reinforcing fillers are added to the compound to increase adhesion and hardness of the compound, depending of the required result, like: requirements for isolation zone size, porosity & permeability properties of the reservoir, crossflow type.