Sediment formation R-SEDFOR

R-SEDFOR sedimentation agent with selective action represents a compound on the basis of water and mixture of sodium and triethanolamine soaps. Produced in two commodity types – as a paste, and as granules of brown color.

12-R-SEDFOR.jpgIt is designed for application in oil producing industry: upon injection to the well for oil production stimulation, water shutoff in the producing wells and for conformance control in injection wells.

This agent can be used upon mixing with fresh water and does not require special process equipment. It is prepared as a concentrate which can be diluted with fresh water to commercial concentration before application. Efficient concentration in the solution is generally selected within 3-5% range in volume, depending on the required result, which affected by the factors like: formation water salinity, porosity & permeability properties of the reservoir rocks, treatment volume.