Acid composition FC-FLOW

FC-FLOW acid compound represents a water-based solution of mineral and organic acids mixture in various concentrations with highly efficient special purpose additives and surface active substances.

8-FC-Flow.jpgIt was developed for use in oil production stimulation processes for acid treatment of producing oil and gas wells in carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs with the purpose of increasing reservoir productivity and cleaning bottomhole against technogenic clogging.

This composition can be used in most of the water-based solutions and in mineralized mediums, to be injected directly to the process cycle. It is prepared as a concentrate which can be diluted with fresh water to commercial concentration before application. Efficient concentration in the solution is generally selected as 1:1 ratio by volume, depending on the required result, which affected by the factors like: mineral composition of rocks and deposits, desirable reaction rate and effective treatment depth, reservoir temperature and process solution composition.