About company

AKROS was established in 2000 as a trading company specializing in supply of different oil and gas equipment, products and spare parts into Russia and CIS countries. In 2013 AKROS entered into the fluids engineering business in Western Siberia.

We offer and successfully deliver standard drilling fluid systems for typical geological and technical conditions, as well as exclusive technologies providing solutions for specific problems arising during drilling operations.

As part of our commitment to high-quality services, competitive pricing and experienced management team, AKROS rapidly wins respect and recognition of oil and gas operators and drilling companies in Russia, and has a distinct goal to become a leader in the key markets of drilling fluids and environmental solutions in Russia.

Our business lines

  • DRILLING FLUID SERVICES - AKROS provides professional service in development of optimal drilling fluid formulations considering the geological and technical conditions in area and regional features of drilling

  • WORKOVER AND COMPLETION SOLUTIONS -  AKROS developed a range of technologies and services for soft well killing to improve quality, shorten well workover time and reduce risks of drilling problems  

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS - AKROS provides services for minimizing and utilizing drilling wastes, including technologies for slop-mud processing, re-injection of drilling waste into the reservoir, and also offers an innovative flocculant for recovering oil-based drilling fluids  

  • SUPPLY OF SOLIDS CONTROL EQUIPMENT -  AKROS offers advanced solids control technologies developed to optimize the drilling process. It allows reducing loss of drilling fluid and keeping its parameters to increase drilling efficiency without impairing reservoir properties of formation  

  • DEEPWATER DRILLING - AKROS company has designed specialized water-base and synthetic-base fluid systems SEAYANIE for deepwater drilling.

AKROS’ development and success is ensured by a team of highly professional and competent managers. They have had a successful experience in establishing an enterprise providing drilling fluids and environmental solutions.

Our company has an AKROS Drilling fluid research center located in Moscow. It is equipped with a wide array of instruments for conducting extended tests of drilling fluids.  The Center provides inspection of arriving supplied chemical products, and runs advanced studies on issues and problems that arise in the field during a well construction.  AKROS’ priority is the development of partner relationships with homeland suppliers and the launching of pilot production of chemicals in Russia.  The company is looking for and designing new shale inhibitors, rheology modifiers, fluid-loss-control additives, and other products.  

AKROS also has its own Training Center that delivers schools for AKROS drilling fluids engineers, and workshops for clients. Training is provided by the company’s leading specialists.  

In 2016 AKROS’ Board of Directors made the decision to extend its scope of activities in the Russian Federation, including the acquisition of successful developing companies that provide drilling fluid services in the Russian Federation.  Starting from Q1 2016 due to the purchase of 100% of the charter capital of the company, the activities of Mud Expert LLC that designs and produces chemicals for the oil and gas industry, provides drilling fluid services and performs independent technical audit are fully integrated into the organization with respect to unified management systems currently used by the Company. 

AKROS is committed to working with charities and supports numerous projects of Fedor Konyukhov, a famous traveler and seaman. Some of those projects are as follows: his 2014 crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, “The Cup of the Traveler Fedor Konyukhov” regatta for young people, and his art exhibition in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. 

The values of the company


The employees of the company are its most valuable resource and the key to its success and fast development. AKROS is a team of professionals dedicated to the delivery of reliable and respectful services to our Partners.


The use of the most advanced technologies by AKROS is a major prerequisite for the successful competition and positive image of the Company. The Company focuses its research and scientific activities on the development and introduction of advanced and innovative technologies.


AKROS activities are aimed to address and to handle all technological challenges successfully. It is the basis for long term cooperation with our Partners, which delivers sustainable development, business ideas, and growth of financial results, as well as fulfillment of our social commitments.


The important aspects of AKROS activities include systematic, pervasive and continuous improvement of all processes, which support our goals, help us to reach our prospects and provide grounds for our progressive development.

Business Geography

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